• IT Management 24/7/365 availability with a
    99.5%+ satisfaction rating

    We make things better. Best-in-Class IT Governance, Innovative Architecture and Design. Decades of IT Leadership, Security and Compliance experience coupled with a 99.5+% client-satisfaction rated support staff.

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  • Security and Compliance The core security you need

    We implement NIST 800-53 and 800-171/172. We bring you HIPAA, PCI and CJIS compliance that adapts to your needs. Rest easier with proactive detection and response in a policy-driven environment.

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  • Save Money IT that positively benefits your bottom line

    Our free phone and Internet rebidding projects benefit nonprofits and save our clients over $25k/yr on average.
    Our clients don’t pay a mark up on hardware, software or services, and we include many tools at no cost.

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  • Certified Services Recognized by Industry

    ArchTech is a 3x Silver Certified Microsoft Partner and a
    Dell Expert Network member – while still being entirely vendor-neutral.
    Our staff hold leading industry certifications from most major certification sources.

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  • Search Engine Optimization & Marketing for Maximum Visibility

    Scale your business and generate leads with sustainable, white hat, data-driven online visibility services catered to your precise needs and challenges.

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    Why Choose Us. Our Philosophy

    Why choose us? Two reasons:

    1. The way we treat our customers.
    2. The way we implement solutions.

    Nothing too fancy or too extreme. The right features, carefully implemented using a few core technologies – all with a laser-like focus on your bottom line.

    IT that just works.

    Our team has over 100 years of collective experience providing our clients with Information Technology services that work. Nothing we do is too fancy or extreme. We implement cost-effective solutions and treat our customers in a way we can be proud of. Your initial consultation is free. Contact us today to learn more about what ArchTech can do for you and your business or nonprofit.

    Who We Are

    Need affordable, high-quality IT services with friendly and reliable customer service?

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    IT solutions that work.

    What We Do

    Best-in-Class Support. Friendly Staff. Innovative Solutions.

    We provide both onsite and remote support as part of your in-house IT team. A Managed Services Provider typically works for their vendors and makes money upselling you solutions. We work for you, not the vendors, and give you access to our heavily discounted solutions at wholesale cost (or just include them at no charge). As part of your in-house IT Team, ArchTech will give you expert and personalized support. We work to all major security and compliance standards. Need to know if your environment is secure and compliant? Check out our Tech Assessments!

    Legal Aid

    ArchTech has a passion for improving the world and is one of the country’s leading providers of IT services to Legal Aid.

    Tech Assessments

    Get an honest look at the state of your environment and what can be done to make IT better, faster and more reliable.

    Vendor Discounts

    Leverage our industry connections and partnerships to get the best prices for IT solutions with no markup.

    Cost Effective

    ArchTech delivers great service at a reasonable price, without sacrificing quality or jeopardizing your bottom line.

    What We Can Do For You Our Services

    ArchTech believes in giving companies and nonprofits the exceptional end-to-end management and support they need to thrive. We have a friendly and talented team that loves fixing your problems and implementing effective and innovative solutions.

    What We Do

    ArchTech Success Stories

    • “Always friendly and knowledgeable service given. I rate it a 10 Plus.”

      - Jann T.


      - D. Kelley

      “Excellent, conscientious, and very quick service. Thank you!”

      - Cecille

      “Excellent, very patient and helpful!”

      - A. Chen

    • “Polly was very helpful and friendly and fixed my problem quickly.”

      - Barb

      “Awesome help!!”

      - Bethany

      “Thank you, you are the best :)”

      - Dianna

      “Immediate reply, couldn't be better!”

      - Kathy D.

    • “Great response despite an additional phone issue on my end. They solved the issue in a timely manner.”

      - J. Fletcher

      “Wonderful and patient!”

      - Carrie

      “ArchTech was on top of my IT issue this morning providing immediate assistance when needed. Thank you for the help!”

      - Angela C.

    • “Always friendly, knowledgeable and quick to respond”

      - Charles M.

      “I’m satisfied as my scanner is working! Thank you so much!”

      - Frieda S.

      “Response time was almost immediate and the problem was solved! Thank you so much!”

      - Jennifer A.

      “The firm-wide VPN issue was fixed.”

      - M. Diaz

    • “Very satisfied... sent email for help late in the day (Tue) and problem was resolved when I started work on Wed morning. Thank you!!”

      - J. Lapides

      “Very quick attention and resolution.”

      - Mary Ann B.

      “Awesome! Fixed almost immediately!”

      - A. Williams

      “It only took a few minutes to get my printer set up after she realized I needed a special cord which she provided. Great work!”

      - Mattie


      • “Response to my question was prompt and professional, but still friendly. Nice combination. Provided an option I did not know I had. I was very satisfied.”

        - D. Michaels

        “Fast and Excellent!!”

        - Brian S.

        “Thank you! I was able to save the documents I was working on. I appreciate all your help!”

        - A. Rodriguez

      • “You all are the VERY BEST!”

        - Jacki L.

        “The process was simple and quick. I also wanted to thank the tech for their patience, I logged in late and they still took care of me quickly and professionally.”

        - Ana V.

        “Rapid response with clear findings.”

        - Hal S.

      • “OUTSTANDING solution to a possibly unsolvable problem”

        - Doug

        “She was very prompt and helpful. Thank you!”

        - Debbie R.

        “It seemed as though as soon as I hit the send button, they were there to install the monitor. It was great!”

        - Casey R.

        “It is a great comfort to know that I can request assistance. Thanks for being there.”

        - Donna L.

      • “Awesome fast response always!”

        - Mandy

        “I’m satisfied as my scanner is working! Thank you so much!”

        - Frieda S.

        “Response time was almost immediate and the problem was solved! Thank you so much!”

        - Jennifer A.

        “The firm-wide VPN issue was fixed.”

        - M. Diaz