IT Management

Call ArchTech for efficient, secure and innovative IT solutions and live support tailored to your operational needs.

The world evolves. So do our IT solutions.:IT Management

Real IT Support

Our helpdesk is staffed with amazing people. In conjunction with our Senior Engineers, they keep your staff up and running. Significant system outages are typically responded to within 15 minutes. Our helpdesk covers first responders and 24x7x365 coverage is available. Most regular helpdesk tickets are responded to within the hour. Our resolution satisfaction rating is over 99.5% and your staff receive a survey response for every ticket submitted – all of which can be tracked by you in our customer portal. Both onsite and remote support for end users and managers is included. We help with onboarding, offboarding and initial set up of new employees. Training your staff on technologies specific to your organization is available.

Innovative and Effective Design

The world is going cloud, but on-premises investment still scales well with cost. We support full cloud, hybrid and on-prem environments based on what makes the most sense for you. If you’re looking at transitioning, we can help - from determining when the time is right to executing the implementation and training your staff. We architect and support advanced features in Office 365 and Google Workspace and support legacy systems as long as they meet security thresholds. Other popular transitions and technologies we implement regularly include Network Design and Server upgrades, SharePoint cloud lifts (ditch servers entirely), Voice-Over-IP (VOIP) selection and deployment, Single-Sign On and Multi-Factor Authentication, IT Procurement, 360-degree Information System analysis with Data Backup and Recovery Scenarios, Cybersecurity Audit Defense, and Remote Workforce and VPN Solutions.

Best in Class Governance

We manage your IT procurement properly, from RFPs to standard purchases. We look beyond the initial purchase to support and integration requirements. We’ll make sure your new equipment integrates with the old and fits into your business workflows and existing applications. We leverage our buying power and never markup hardware or software you buy from us (example: we typically get 50+% off Dell pricing and give you receipt copies for every purchase). Although we’re a 3x Microsoft Silver Certified Partner and part of the Dell Expert Network, we are vendor neutral. We are on your side, working for you and not the salespeople. This focus has led us to 50+% annual growth on word of mouth alone. We even interface with your third-party vendor networks (Example: Internet provider or copier technicians) at no additional charge!

We come complete with out-of-the-box policies that meet the requirements of all major compliance standards. These policies can be tweaked to meet your individual company needs. Not only are our helpdesk and project management/implementation teams effective at resolving problems in a positive way, but we do so in a compliant and secure way that helps users function better and keeps them happy.