Free Phone and Internet Rebids

Connect with the rest of the world in a way that is reliable and affordable. ArchTech offers free rebids on your phone and internet services to save you money. We regularly save clients tens of thousands of dollars on phone and Internet services

Keeping you connected :Phone and Internet Rebid Services

Our Free Phone and Internet Rebid Program

No cost to you. Average savings over $25,000/yr. (Saved 2x Nonprofits over $100k/yr).

Telecommunications services contracts are often one of the most expensive and least understood technology decisions an organization can make. ArchTech rebids these services for clients by:

  1. Assessing current services, costs and needs
  2. Drafting RFP requirements and reviewing with the client
  3. Submitting the RFP to vendors (client recommendations welcome)
  4. Scheduling vendor demos with client focus groups
  5. Drafting a Cost-Benefit and Total Contract Cost Analysis for client review
  6. Assisting with client onboarding to the selected vendor*

ArchTech is vendor-neutral. We work for you, not the folks who want to pay us commissions. The process is entirely transparent, and all documentation, contracts etc. are provided to the client. There is no markup. The activity generates modest recurring revenue and 75% of that is donated to nonprofits. The remainder goes to program maintenance.

*Implementation and ongoing support/maintenance is typically a joint effort between the client’s IT staff and the vendor. However, ArchTech can provide these services on a fee basis if needed.