Technical Assessments

Whether you need a look at your security or a complete, 360-degree view of your operation's entire technological infrastructure, ArchTech's technical assessments help you understand where you stand on security, compliance and efficacy.

Your partner for critical security and compliance guidance:Technical Assessments

We only do two projects for organizations where we are not the in-house IT provider. One is our free Phone and Internet rebid program that averages over $25,000/yr in savings for the organizations we work for. The other is our Technical Assessment program. Technical Assessments can be tailored to the scope you need and range from security-only assessments to full-fledged 360-degree reviews of all facets of information and technology governance within your organization. Sample reporting available on request.

Technical Assessments include a review of security and compliance from a Technical, Administrative and Physical security perspective. Each group of controls is tested and compliance is verified and reported to you. Components of a full-scope assessment typically include:

  1. A walk-through of applicable security standards tested, with at-a-glance reporting of each item and an overall assessment score.
  2. Testing and documentation of Network & IOT equipment, including technical diagrams and documentation that are delivered as part of the final report.
  3. A review of all endpoint devices, including servers, with analysis of the system architecture and identifying weaknesses in design and implementation.
  4. A sampling of endpoints from an inventory framework itemizing security features, including outdated software, obsolete firmware, missing OS updates, encryption failures, known vulnerabilities like lack of secure/boot UEFI, etc.
  5. Site visits by ArchTech personnel to verify physical security controls, affirm network diagrams and verify inventory details.
  6. Optional reviews of third-party enterprise software products important to your organization.
  7. User surveys, focus groups and 1-on-1 interviews with your staff.
  8. A review of IT policies, with detailed recommendations regarding existing policies and procedures. Sample template policies are frequently provided as an attachment to the final report to fill gaps in compliance requirements.
  9. A review of your Microsoft 365 or Google Workspace architecture and workflow, licensing, costs, features being under-utilized, etc.
  10. Helpdesk analysis, including a review of personnel (or vendor) for effectiveness, cost and other parameters.
  11. A thorough assessment of your website from a security, accessibility and user-friendliness perspective. An SEO review is available upon request for an additional fee.
  12. Analysis of your existing telephony and other telecommunications systems to find potential efficiencies and enhance communication.
  13. A detailed roadmap of prioritized projects for your IT team. This prioritized list is often extensive, requiring 12-24 months to implement fully for most organizations assessed.
  14. Included in our bid are 12 meetings, held monthly for one year after the assessment is completed, to assist your technical staff (or vendor) in clarifying the projects specified and verifying completion of those projects to specification.

ArchTech is vendor-neutral and does not complete the projects recommended or cure the vulnerabilities discovered during an assessment for clients we do not manage. Instead, we work with your existing staff as your representative to make sure vulnerabilities in your environment are appropriately cured.