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With more than 10 years of service to public, private and nonprofit sector clients, we have positioned ourselves as a cloud-first, security-first provider of stable, performative solutions emphasizing security and compliance. Systems we build and manage for our clients are audited by DHS, DoD, DoJ, and the FBI. They assess our security, compliance and performance multiple times per year. We come complete with out-of-the-box policies that meet the requirements of all major compliance standards.

We provide all of our clients, at no additional charge, with offsite, fully-encrypted cloud backups. We also include Enterprise-grade password management for all users, as well as security awareness training (SAT) and phish testing on an ongoing basis. We protect your devices through advanced endpoint management that includes anti-virus, anti-malware, anti-exploit and anti-ransomware protection. We implement MFA, SSO and other identity protection strategies as an included cost. We run non-interruptive OS backups and 3rd-party patching on schedule.

Our helpdesk satisfaction rating is over 99.5% and your staff receive a survey response for every ticket submitted – all of which can be tracked by you in our customer portal. We architect and support advanced features in Office 365 and Google Workspace and support legacy systems as long as they meet security thresholds. Other popular transitions and technologies we implement regularly include Network Design and Server upgrades, SharePoint cloud lifts (ditch servers entirely), Voice-Over-IP (VOIP) selection and deployment, Single-Sign On and Multi-Factor Authentication, IT Procurement, 360-degree Information System analysis with Data Backup and Recovery Scenarios, Cybersecurity Audit Defense, and Remote Workforce and VPN Solutions. We leverage our buying power and never markup hardware or software you buy from us.

We also perform Technical Assessments for a variety of organizations. That experience allows us to learn from other folks’ mistakes and see what is working well in a wide variety of work environments. The IT world is full of an endless supply of products and pitches. Bring us to the table when you want an unbiased opinion to help you make sense of the chaos in IT offerings.

We provide your small to mid-size business with an all-in-one IT department. Do you have 50-500 users? Are you in need of real, standards-based security and/or compliance requirements? Do you need to boost your web presence? Or need affordable IT solutions for your company or nonprofit? If you answered yes to any of the questions above, contact us today.

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ArchTech Success Stories

  • “Always friendly and knowledgeable service given. I rate it a 10 Plus.”

    - Jann T.


    - D. Kelley

    “Excellent, conscientious, and very quick service. Thank you!”

    - Cecille

    “Excellent, very patient and helpful!”

    - A. Chen

  • “Polly was very helpful and friendly and fixed my problem quickly.”

    - Barb

    “Awesome help!!”

    - Bethany

    “Thank you, you are the best :)”

    - Dianna

    “Immediate reply, couldn't be better!”

    - Kathy D.

  • “Great response despite an additional phone issue on my end. They solved the issue in a timely manner.”

    - J. Fletcher

    “Wonderful and patient!”

    - Carrie

    “ArchTech was on top of my IT issue this morning providing immediate assistance when needed. Thank you for the help!”

    - Angela C.

  • “Always friendly, knowledgeable and quick to respond”

    - Charles M.

    “I’m satisfied as my scanner is working! Thank you so much!”

    - Frieda S.

    “Response time was almost immediate and the problem was solved! Thank you so much!”

    - Jennifer A.

    “The firm-wide VPN issue was fixed.”

    - M. Diaz

  • “Very satisfied... sent email for help late in the day (Tue) and problem was resolved when I started work on Wed morning. Thank you!!”

    - J. Lapides

    “Very quick attention and resolution.”

    - Mary Ann B.

    “Awesome! Fixed almost immediately!”

    - A. Williams

    “It only took a few minutes to get my printer set up after she realized I needed a special cord which she provided. Great work!”

    - Mattie


    • “Response to my question was prompt and professional, but still friendly. Nice combination. Provided an option I did not know I had. I was very satisfied.”

      - D. Michaels

      “Fast and Excellent!!”

      - Brian S.

      “Thank you! I was able to save the documents I was working on. I appreciate all your help!”

      - A. Rodriguez

    • “You all are the VERY BEST!”

      - Jacki L.

      “The process was simple and quick. I also wanted to thank the tech for their patience, I logged in late and they still took care of me quickly and professionally.”

      - Ana V.

      “Rapid response with clear findings.”

      - Hal S.

    • “OUTSTANDING solution to a possibly unsolvable problem”

      - Doug

      “She was very prompt and helpful. Thank you!”

      - Debbie R.

      “It seemed as though as soon as I hit the send button, they were there to install the monitor. It was great!”

      - Casey R.

      “It is a great comfort to know that I can request assistance. Thanks for being there.”

      - Donna L.

    • “Awesome fast response always!”

      - Mandy

      “I’m satisfied as my scanner is working! Thank you so much!”

      - Frieda S.

      “Response time was almost immediate and the problem was solved! Thank you so much!”

      - Jennifer A.

      “The firm-wide VPN issue was fixed.”

      - M. Diaz

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